Software Engineer
Location: Arendal
Posted: January 13, 2020
Reference: 5731
Contact: Victoria Riikola


The client is looking for a “PDMS implementation engineer”.The successful applicant will have the following qualifications:
  • Technical education at Bachelor / Master level
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience with PDMS system implementation / use
  • Ability to- and interest for implementing a new system in our organization
  • Be able to run internal training for new users in the organization
  • Be able to prepare users guide / how-to documentation for our use of the program
  • Possess good interpersonal skills
  • The position will have responsibility to implement the PDMS system in close cooperation with the technical disciplines.
  • The system will be set up “from scratch” implying that a certain degree of computer system / operation system knowledge is required in addition to good knowledge of the PDMS system itself. The client is expecting to have to develop some exchange patches for interfacing our other office automation systems (archiving: Proarc, File storage: Vault, CAD; Inventor). Knowledge to one or more of the mentioned system will be an advantage. Knowledge of database interaction is an advantage.

DUE DATE: 31.01.2020


DURATION: 17.02.2020 - 16.12.2020